Selfresponsible Behaviour


You do not necessarily need to follow all the guidelines, practical tips and suggestions for activities in these areas, but we find them “highly recommended”. The reason is that the implementation of healthy habits in these 9 areas has a direct and very positive impact on your health, beauty, youthfulness, vitality and longevity. Their implementation will facilitate and further enhance and accelerate the effects of the Dr Dorian Day © Method.

healthy-lifestyle_NEW irfanIf you want to further reduce risk and additionally increase the efficiency and effect of our Dr Dorian Day © method, we sincerely recommend that you apply as much advice, guidance, practical guidelines in all these areas as possible. All of these guidelines, tips, recommendations, and practical instructions are already completely free for you! Others have to pay quite a lot for them.

In order to look and be younger, you must first be healthy. Every decrease of immunity and violation of health, regardless of its intensity leads to cell oxidation of the organism, to its degradation that has a direct impact on the acceleration of the aging process. And if you want to be younger, vital and live long, you first need to ensure that your cells are healthy, young, vibrant and long-lasting.

To look, feel and really BE younger, prettier, fitter and healthier you have to have a healthy, vibrant, well-cared for and beautifully shaped body inside and out from the skin down to the smallest cell in your body. We will tell you and show you how to accomplish it; we will help you make it happen.

Yes, we will tell you things you already know for sure (we will repeat them together, but you certainly do not do most of them).  We will help you to be persistent in your desire and to build certain activities into your daily routine .

We will discover the real secrets of preserving beauty and extending youth .We will discover the magic potion  that will revitalize and regenerate your body. We will discover a number of small and secret useful and effective things from all of these areas, things that are not written in various popular magazines and journals.

During the last 20 years, we have collected, analyzed, tested, inspected and finally chosen for you the best and most practical advice, recommendations, guidelines and instructions that work.

In short, we have chosen for you All you need to know about…  from 9 different areas that directly affect  health, beauty, youthfulness, vitality and longevity of every man.

Of course, for all the specific questions from specific areas, we consult our external partners; experts specialized in particular areas. They give us their expert opinions and recommendations for each specific question in the above-mentioned fields.

Surely, it is advisable to adjust and/or correct some previous bad behavioral patterns and to, if not completely then at least to a certain extent, get rid of the bad and unhealthy habits and adopt the new, good and healthy ones. Your body and your entire organism will be very grateful (as we are, because it will greatly assist us in our work), and you yourself will soon encounter surprising positive results.

The Selfresponsible Behaviour program consists of 3 main parts:

1)   activity in 9 major areas crucial for slowing the aging process
2)   Protocols (“Everyday”)
3)  recommendations for possession (acquisition) and the use of certain appliances, devices, gadgets and plants that have a positive impact on health


All activities under the Program of Selfresponsible Behaviour are actions that can and should be applied completely and independently on a daily basis.


benefit 2

The first part of the Program of Selfresponsible Behaviour  consists of 9 major areas in which we provide specific explanations of why this is an important area of health, vitality and slowing the aging process. It also contains specific instructions on what to do and how to achieve this.

We give you all the necessary information, guidance and practical advice to suggest activities tailored to your needs, goals and desires. This part can be called practical education and counseling.

The second part of the Program of Selfresponsible Behaviour  called “Protocols” is a detailed and concrete representation of the secret EVERYDAY protocols (rituals), which directly and positively affect improving health and slowing the aging process.

We will discover little everyday actions that will substantially disrupt your normal daily rhythm or lifestyle, but need to be imported into it and adopt protocols as well as its natural ritual. These are everyday things, but extremely important small steps to great effect.

The third part of the Program of Selfresponsible Behaviour  presents our recommendations for ownership (acquisition) and the use of certain appliances, devices, appliances and plants that have a positive impact on health.

We will tell you which appliances, devices, gadgets and plants are certainly desirable to have and, of course, use in your home or workplace. Each of the recommendations has been checked on our own lives and consists of the experience of our former customers, proven in practice.



Part 1:  Activity in 9 major key areas to slowing the aging process


Healthy, Balanced Diet  Healthy Food Pyramid

A healthy, proper and balanced diet is one of the three main pillars (the other two are daily physical activity and healthy sleep) of good health maintenance, vitality and youthfulness during a person’s life time. It also has a direct impact on slowing the aging process of the body, its vitality and youthfulness.

With a healthy and balanced diet, you will become healthier, happier and more satisfied. A variety of health problems will go away, you will be slimmer, your skin will be smoother, shinier and softer and it will make you feel more beautiful and attractive. Your hair will be shinier and healthier, puffiness of your body and face will disappear. Your body will literally revitalize and rejuvenate, and you will shine with pleasure and enthusiasm.

We will introduce you to the latest findings of a healthy, proper and balanced diet and we will advise and recommend to you how to get healthy and eat properly. You will discover less known secret products and ingredients that will help you maintain your health, become and stay vital, prevent the occurrence of various diseases, restore and preserve youthfulness thus ensuring a healthy longevity.

Daily Physical Activity000948~1

Daily physical activity (the other two – a healthy and balanced diet and healthy sleep) is one of the key factors in maintaining good health, vitality and youthfulness throughout life.

Various ailments and general weakness of the body are not as associated with our natural aging as much as with other modern disease – sitting and physical inactivity.

Daily physical activity is not only an investment in your current health and healthier tomorrow – it directly extremely positively affects feeling and looking better – and younger!

There are many benefits of daily physical activity – from the fact that your body will be stronger and firmer (and therefore more beautiful and attractive), you will have more energy, you will sleep better, you will be slimmer, generally feel better and finally more confident. Therefore, daily physical activity has a positive impact on health of various organs of your body, especially on the entire cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system. Physical activity significantly reduces the risk of cancer and development of diabetes (Type 2), arthritis, etc. Regular physical activity strengthens your immune system, and without it, there is no healthy and long life.

We will help you find physical activity that suits you best and will fit in your business and private commitments. We will help you make a plan (or even a program) of these activities. We can recommend activities appropriate for your medical condition and preferences. Remember, it is important to start!

And of course, we will be with you when you hit the crisis and may want to give up (do not worry, all of this happens) or ignore this very important aspect in achieving your health and long-lasting youth. We will motivate you and return on the right path.

Healthy SleepHealthy Sleep

While sleeping is usually taken for granted, sleep is a serious matter, and healthy sleep is a very serious thing, unfortunately, too often and quite unjustifiably neglected.

Lack of sleep has a very important role in aging. In fact, it is one of the main causes of aging.

Healthy and quality sleep is vital to human health. This is a scientifically proven medical fact.

Together with a healthy, balanced diet and daily physical activity, healthy sleep is one of the 3 main pillars of maintaining good health, vitality and youthfulness throughout life.

We spend almost one third of our life sleeping, and the quality of the remaining  2/3 of our life depends on how we sleep. Sleep is a key factor for the proper functioning of the body and mind.

During sleep, our body regenerates its energy (literally regenerates and revitalizes). The body is renewed and secrets growth hormone, which affects the slowing of the aging process. It also produces necessary antibodies that fight infections and it regenerates your cells and tissues.

During sleep, the body is recovering from a hectic day and preparing for a new workday. Hence the saying: “Sleep is half of health and beauty.

Scientists have long proven that healthy sleep prolongs life, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and alleviating symptoms of depression.

Healthy sleep has a positive effect on three important systems in the human body: hormonal, neurological and immune. While sleeping, the body secrets substances that create a sense of satiety, reduce the impact of stress hormones and strengthen all our immune mechanisms. It has been confirmed that healthy sleep lowers blood pressure.

Empirical evidences show that healthy sleep is the most important factor in predicting the longevity of life. It is more influential than dieting, exercise or genetic heritage. That is a fact.

The benefits of a healthy and quality sleep:

  • strengthens the immune system,
  • refreshes and rejuvenates the body,
  • regenerates skin,
  • restores vitality and beauty of the body,
  • soothes the effect of daily stress,
  • increases the ability to concentrate,
  • enhances and strengthens our memory,
  • protects the onset and development of diabetes,
  • prevents high blood pressure,
  • protects the heart and reduces the risk of heart attack,
  • reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases,
  • alleviates symptoms of depression,
  • prolongs life,
  • enhances weight loss,
  • positive effect on building muscle and endurance,
  • provides greater intellectual force,
  • enhances creativity.

Four main factors influence healthy and high quality sleep.Waking-Up

They are a healthy place of sleep, quality bed system, sleep hygiene and absence of disease.

Healthy sleep includes:

a) sleep in a HEALTHY position (without the influence of a variety of harmful radiation)

b) adequate sleep LENGTH (at least 6-8 hours)

c) a high level of quality of sleep (quiet, relaxing, refreshing and revitalizing sleep)

Lack of sleep causes:

  • weakening of the immune system
  • occurrence and the development of inflammation and inflammatory processes
  • headache
  • irritability
  • problems with concentration
  • fatigue, forgetfulness, etc.

Frequent or prolonged sleep deprivation leads to:

  • acceleration of cell aging process
  • the damage of many organs (heart and blood vessels, lungs, brain …)
  • high blood pressure, heart disorders and increased risk of heart attack
  • cancer, diabetes (type 2), obesity …
  • depression, impotence …
  • increased secretion of cortisol, a stress hormone
  • deterioration of existing disease and aggravation of treatment

Harmful radiation is determined by energy fields that have an impact and affect every living organism. It very negatively affects the molecular structure of human cells and polarization within the cell thus hampering their normal work and generating illnesses.

The disruption of biochemical and bioelectric processes in the body weakens immune and functional ability of the body. This energy irritated and weakened body, over a prolonged period of harmful radiation, physically and mentally weakens which then results in a variety of diseases.

Symptoms of harmful radiation effect are:

  • restless, intermittent and poor sleep and bad dreams
  • though you are tired, it is very difficult to fall asleep
  • lie down tired and wake up more tired
  • have a sense of numbness and stiffness
  • have frequent nocturnal fluctuations in blood pressure
  • feel cramping and / or coldness in hands and feet
  • sweat and hard breathing
  • feel exhausted
  • heart rhythm disturbances, etc.

We will inform you about the latest findings in the sleep medicine and help you to finally have healthy and quality sleep. We will instruct you you how to choose the most important thing in your home – the mattress you sleep on – as well as all the other elements of a bed system (bed, box spring, pillow, bed linen) and advise you on what you should do to protect yourself from harmful radiation.

We will explain what sleep hygiene means and how you are going to achieve and maintain it. Furthermore, we will explain what ambient conditions are and how to tailor them to your needs and desires.  We will tell you which appliances / devices you should have in your bedroom and which plants to put in – although plants are usually not recommended to be put in a bedroom, there are some that it is wise and useful to have there.

Reveal to you how you can have a night-time therapy while sleeping. We  will advise you and give you a practical Health manual with 101 useful tips for healthy and quality sleep and share with you a lot more interesting and useful  tips… all in order to ensure your healthy, high-quality, comfortable and restful sleep, thus strengthening your immunity, increasing prevention level against possible occurrence of various disorders and diseases.

Picture10Stress Reduction

All current medical research shows that stress is, if not one of the main causes, then certainly one of the main triggers of a number of the modern world diseases.

Chronic negative stress is responsible for 75-90% of doctor visits and almost 50% of deaths of Americans under the age of 65.

Although stress itself is not dangerous, it becomes dangerous when it turns into chronic stress. Then it weakens the immune system, makes us more vulnerable to infections such as colds or the flu, creating conditions for stroke and heart attack, destroying mental health and what is scientifically proven – shortens life.

Continuous exposure to stress and stressful situations leads to the emergence and development of psychosomatic illnesses  such as stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, allergies, headaches, migraine, digestive disorders, disorders of body weight (gain or unhealthy weight loss), less resistance to disease, difficulty in sleep, etc.

Stress also directly affects our emotions and behavior – creates a bad mood, irritability and depression, encourages a sense of loneliness and abandonment causing anxiety and uncertainty, creates a sense of helplessness and depression, generates a lack of will and energy, leads to recourse to alcohol, cigarettes and even stronger addiction, encourages aggressiveness and impatience.

Even though stress is unfortunately very difficult to avoid in today’s fast lifestyle, what you personally can do is to not let stress control your life and destroy the health! Do not let the modern lifestyle make you forget about yourself!

Anti-stress behavior must be planned and, of course, carried out – but let the fact that many negative things in your life could, should and must be changed be just an extra boost! Do not give up – you shall, for starters, make small, attainable and easily implementable changes, and then go step by step. Day after day, week after week, month after month, you will feel better and stronger, you will have more confidence and you will achieve control over your life. You will enjoy a new sense of freedom and power to live more comfortably and satisfied, and ultimately healthier and – of course longer.

We will show you techniques and recommend ways to avoid stress and give you insight into relaxation techniques. We will help you identify problems and situations that cause stress in your case and how to deal with them, and finally to take control over them.

We will recommend a desirable behavior and a variety of exercises that will help you successfully cope with stress and stressful situations as well as those that have a positive effect on reducing stress in your daily life.

How-to-Quit-Smoking-Naturally1Absence of Vices

This is not science fiction – smoking, alcohol, drugs, excessive dependence on sweets and other more or less dangerous addictions simply have no room in this program of improving and preserving health, beauty, slowing the aging process, rejuvenating the body, maintaining the vitality and ensuring conditions for longevity.

If you really want to achieve a healthy and long youth, you have to give up all the bad addictions.

Nevertheless, what would life be without little detours and occasional pleasures?

Of course, the consumption of drugs in any form or case is not an option! All other addictions can be occasionally fulfilled and enjoyed!

You can enjoy in your little sin.

Indeed, some of the sins are recommended – both in our own as well as in modern medical science opinion.

For example, the consumption of 2 dl of red wine (alcohol) after lunch is a very good (and scientists say, healthy) habit.

Occasionally enjoying in chocolate is also sweet recommendation. Provided that this is a dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa.

And if you just cannot stop, or you may be a fan of cigars – lit one  occasionally only one day a week. But do not allow yourself to have more than one!  One or two cigarettes a week for  hard-core smokers who just cannot give up the habit,  will be acceptable although probably not quite forgotten by the body.

Sandals Grande Antigua Social lifeModerately Active Social Life

A man is a social being and it is quite normal and desirable to be socially active.

Harmonious family life, involvement in the community, humanitarian work, visiting various cultural and artistic events, going to the movies, attending after-work parties, going out and socializing with friends, weekend get-togethers with a barbecue, team-building with colleagues from work, going out in the evening and relaxing with comfortable conversation, dancing and music… All of these are good quality and desirable ways of moderately active social  life.

However, the emphasis is on the word moderation. Therefore, just like in any other area of ​​life, too much of anything is not good or desirable.

Of course, there are times you want to stay out until the early morning after which you try to get a grip all day long and that is not a problem – provided that it is indeed a rare and only sometimes kind of a thing. What should not be or become your modus operandi are such or similar everyday or predominant events.

Such small pleasures and relaxation may at the time seem like harmless fun but your body may feel differently.

We will not get too smart here – you will see for yourself what is and is not good for you, and where the balance between moderation and excess is needed. In any case, when you see these things are not easy anymore, it is time to stop and think about it.

Personal Satisfaction

LIFE Creating Yourself 2There are no smart and wise statements here. Every person have to discover for themselves what makes them happy, satisfied and pleased. For some it is love, for others passion for their hobby or helping others. Some people find happiness when making a lot of money; others find it in adrenaline sports or challenges or enjoying peace and beauty of gardening in theirs small vegetable or flower gardens. We are different people with different desires, ambitions and needs, and therefore we have different ways of achieving our own inner satisfaction.

If we have to single out an occasional smart and wise thought as an advice for achieving the satisfaction and fulfillment, we would decide to use the following three: “Be yourself.” Then “Carpe diem” (Seize the day.) And “Do not postpone happiness.” These three proverbs contain everything you need in order to become and stay satisfied and happy and have a sense of fulfillment. And it is never too late to start this journey.

Arm yourself with a positive attitude and confidence and just go – because as a proverb says – it is better to try something and maybe fail than to be damn good at not trying.

A recent survey showed that people in achieving a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in life consider experience and achievements more important than material possessions.

Money is not everything. Of course, it is much easier and simpler with it but if you are not on the list of the 100 richest people in the world, you certainly have your own personal desires that cannot be fulfilled with millions of dollars or euros!  Remind yourself about them and slowly move to fulfill them – one by one. It is amazing how the fulfillment of your smallest desires will affect your personal happiness, your personal feeling of joy and satisfaction. It will also give you an additional incentive to continue – and you will soon perhaps be the richest person in the world if we measure the size of you personal pleasure account! That is exactly what it means to have a fulfilling life – reach a point in life where you enjoy every moment from excitement and adventure to your daily routine. You need to find an appropriate measure and – enjoy your pleasure, happiness and fulfillment! Enjoy life!

Body CareHotstonepic_6964459

(beauty – wellness – spa)

Beauty comes from within, but the quality care of the entire body, especially the skin, helps it really reach its peak and shine.

Today, there are numerous ways of preserving and maintaining body care. We will not tell you which ways are better or worse – you know best what suits your body and can see best if there is no or little effect.

What we want to say and emphasize is (and we are sure you already know it) – without proper care of the body in the broadest sense of the word, your body will not and cannot look beautiful and youthful. Therefore, we recommend (even though we know that you very much take care of your body) to sometimes think even harder what is best for you.

We do not want to interfere with your choice of different treatments, but it is our recommendation that you (whenever you can) use natural methods of body care and natural ingredients, or to at least adequately and wisely combine them with the less natural methods and treatments of your choice.

We will give you many useful tips on natural body care and recommend a variety of natural methods and techniques – it is up to you when you want or choose, to accept them and apply in the daily care of your body.

Of course, continue using your beauty treatments, regularly go to the wellness centers, reward yourself with some spa program as often as possible, from time to time make the detoxification of the body, dress nicely and enjoy it, improve your techniques of make-up, take care of your hair and change your hairstyle whenever you feel like it. Furthermore, wear beautiful jewelry and pleasant scents and regularly visit the dentist…

Moreover, do not forget to take care of your body inside (do not worry, we’ll be there to constantly remind and encourage you to follow the rules) – watch your diet, get enough physical activity and healthy sleep.  Eliminate or at least reduce (or gradually reduce) unhealthy habits. People with a healthy lifestyle look much younger then those with unhealthy way of living. That is a fact.

Regular Sexual ActivitySex

Many claim that with age, sex becomes better. In addition, what is good or better, is advisable to practice as often as possible (repeatedly practice), is it not? Joking aside – regular sexual activity provides an impressive array of benefits for both body and soul.

If you want to live longer, be healthier and look younger – practice sex (much) more than you usually do! Sex, especially lovemaking, brings many benefits in the life of both genders.

Besides, you will feel much better (sex reduces stress and boosts brain activity), you will feel more beautiful and more desirable. It will strengthen your confidence. And of course, it is needless to say that during those hot games you will loose a couple of pounds!

Let’s move on – after good sex, it has been proven that we sleep better (and sounder, too).

Now something special for “macho” men – less sex means a lower libido.

Even the famous Dr. Oz recommends its regular practice because sex:

  • maintains a strong heart (sex can be a pretty good cardio workout).
  • makes you look at least 7 years younger (one study showed that people in their 40s who have sex 50% more then the average look 7-13 years younger than their actual age).
  • alleviates headaches (Have you ever skipped sex because of a “real” headache?) You should do just the opposite! The study has revealed that half of women who suffer from migraine feel better after orgasm. When endorphins flood the body, they can have an effect similar to morphine, excluding pain and increasing the threshold of discomfort.
  • creates a greater resistance to cold (the study found that people who have sex once or twice a week have a better immune system)
  • extends life (!) This statement in itself is quite enough.



Part 2:  Protocols (“Everyday”) 


Excellence_by_aristotle 2Protocols present daily and unique secret  protocols (activities) that actively contribute to improving health and maintaining and increasing the vitality of the organism and its rejuvenation.

In short and simple – those small, everyday steps lead to great results.

Tomorrow becomes today  too quickly and that is why these daily steps you do today richly reward you tomorrow – you can congratulate yourself with undisguised pleasure since you have decided to be smarter, wiser and more persistent than the others are.

We will help you follow the protocols meaningfully and build them easily, without problems into your daily rhythm (and routine) so that you can use them every day in the best way possible.

Reveal to you some small things you need to do – from the moment you open your eyes in the morning until the evening, when you go to bed. These things will make a positive change and significantly improve health and energy of your body.

Protocols are specific methods, techniques and activities that are in fact very simple, but at the same time extremely effective. That is what both you and we want, right?


Part 3:  Recommended Appliances, Devices, Gadgets & Plants


recommended AppliancesSmart, creative people, scientists… have designed a variety of appliances, equipment, devices, etc. that make our everyday life easier. Therefore, there are things that allow us to preserve and improve our health and vitality as well as to rejuvenate, and we can have them and use in our own home.

Of course, other than human inventions, the nature has from immemorial times given the man its perfect inventions with the same goal. However, we neglect them nowadays too much.

We will recommend which appliances, devices and gifts of nature are very desirable to have and use in your home, which will further help to preserve and ensure health, maintain vitality and rejuvenate your body!

Most of the recommendations relate to appliances and plants that only need to be set up in your home (and from time to time taken care of. For example, water the flowers; replace the batteries in the device, etc.)

They will quietly and without you knowing it, do their job.