Dr Dorian Day © Method

The Dr Dorian Day © Method is a unique, revolutionary, exclusive, natural and completely harmless method of improving and preserving health and beauty. It will slow the aging process, maintain vitality, rejuvenate the body, and provide the conditions for healthy longevity…

Picture7It is an especially designed, unique and comprehensive approach to integrated, powerful Programs a combination of several different and extremely effective methods and techniques that have a synergistic effect that provides the user of this  method (a woman or a man) with excellent health, slower aging process by up to 40% and will rejuvenate of the organism.

As a user of the Dr Dorian Day © Method you receive the program,  each of the subtechniques  and methods daily, 7 days a week, four weeks a month, for the entire duration of our 6-month program. Of course, then you can do it again. There are the new 180 days, if you want to continue with the program again, and again, for as long as you want to use our services. Receive your daily dose  of health, energy, vitality, youthfulness and longevity!

The Dr Dorian Day © Method is a program, and not only a treatment. It is a complete and comprehensive program. It represents a way of life rather than reaching for a quick, temporary ad-hoc activities and so-called solutions.

We do not sell  miracles – we are just committed to do the right thing. Sure, we know some unique secrets that significantly enhance our effort and work, but now these secrets are available for you.

Let us tell you our life-changing secret. Anyone can look, feel and be younger. You just need to want it bad enough. And, of course, you must know how.

A strong desire and a strong will encourage the action. Constant and quality daily activity brings you closer to your goal.

We have the experience and knowledge about the anti-aging and healthy life.
OK, you can say (and we have said it ourselves) – so have others.

But we have something that nobody else has – we posses  ”secret knowledge” how to slow down the aging process and rejuvenate the body!

The question is – do you want to restore your youth bad enough?

The Dr Dorian Day © Method proclaims and implements its 5R slowing the aging system and rejuvenation of the entire body (not just a specific part of the body such as the skin of the face, as with most other different medical treatments):



The methods and techniques of the Dr Dorian Day © Method return the energy to the cells in the body, rejuvenating and encouraging them to healthier and better functioning thus preventing and bypassing many diseases, slowing down the aging of cells of the body and improving the work of all bodily functions.

For example, at the skin level (as our largest and most exposed organ) it means that the skin cells become healthier and more vital thus effectively performing its function. They naturally increase the production of collagen and elastin. By doing so, our health is extensively and completely naturally enhanced, our  beauty achieved, and we end up having  soft and silky glowing skin of our entire body.

The aim, purpose and function of the Dr Dorian Day © Method is:

  • to preserve your health
  • to slow the aging process of your body
  • to rejuvenate your body
  • to restore vitality of your body, its preservation and ensuring conditions for healthy longevity

The founder of the method and our main doctor for anti-aging  hasn’t been ill for more than 20 years (!) – since he started with the development of the method and its perennial and continuous improvement and training.

The Dr Dorian Day © Method itself is based on the usage of speciallyDDD - 2 selected existing (traditional and modern) knowledge about healthy living and the use of energy and quantum medicine – medicine that knows no limits of time and space.

The Dr Dorian Day © Method is a result of 20 years of studying various insights, knowledge and experience in different branches of the official (medical and other) science to the various alternative, complementary methods and techniques. All of them work together and each individually on the problem of human health, slowing the aging process and maintaining youthfulness, vitality and longevity. Finally, by analyzing and studying all of them and their combinations, by customizing and developing over the years and using the personal experience these revolutionary and unique methods and techniques have been developed.

This unique and original method was discovered through permanent study and research and then over time developed, improved, perfected and tested. It directly affects the slowing of the aging process.
Finally, all the findings and personal experience are adapted and transformed into a complete program and The Dr Dorian Day © Method itself.

A comprehensive program of The Dr Dorian Day © Method works on three levels – physical (body), energy and psychological.

The Dr Dorian Day © Method itself consists of 3 separate submethods, each of which is composed of one or more different techniques within the method itself.

The Dr Dorian Day © Method:

  •   XT-factor
  •   Lead-method
  •   BCE-method



The XT-factor


The XT-factor is our most powerful, unique and original technique!
And it is, of course, our powerful special secret method and our most competitive anti-age “weapon.”

It works effectively on a specific process in the body that directly affects the slowing of the aging process.

Picture2aaWe cannot reveal our biggest secret, but we can tell you one thing – it WORKS!

The XT-factor is a completely natural and non-aggressive technique and is fully compatible not only with our other methods and techniques but with all the other used in various anti-aging and rejuvenation programs.
It is the crown and peak of our 20-year-old study of anti-aging methods and techniques and the process of aging. By using only this method, it is possible to significantly slow down the aging process!

When we add other methods and techniques to the XT-factor, this process  can be slowed down by  fantastic 40 (or even more) percent!




Imagine your body as a rechargeable battery, which empties while active and in a standby mode. That battery – your body – loses its energy by “working” every day, sometimes more sometimes less, and very, very often even too much. When the battery runs out of its energy or runs on reserve, you simply put the battery in the charger and after a while, the battery is like a new one –completely charged and 100% ready for a new use.
Of course, such a battery has its lifetime. It cannot be recharged indefinitely, but can be renewed constantly expanding its lifespan.

That is why it is great to have a charger, right?

Fortunately, the human body, just like a rechargeable battery, can be renewed and recharged with energy.
The only problem is that with the battery, when it finally comes to an end, you can replace it with a new one which will continue the work. Unfortunately, you cannot buy your new body.
But you can have a charger!Picture4

What you can do is use the LEAD-method (Life Energy Accumulating Daily method).
The LEAD-method is your battery charger continuously connected to your battery – your body.
The LEAD-method acts as this unique and your personal biobattery, which continuously fills your body with energy, thereby making it always charged, healthier and more vital.

The LEAD-method is a method of energy medicine that balances, unifies and directs the flow of vital energy through and around your body and stimulates  and raises your body’s immune system to successfully perform its self-healing and improves the function of all living organisms.

The LEAD-method significantly reduces the risk of cell mutation, protects them, keeping them healthy and vibrant.

Besides these above benefits the LEAD-method also works on your body proactively and positively so that it:

- relieves symptoms and health problems
- slows the progression of the disease
- stops further development of the existing illness
- accelerates wound healing and postoperative recovery
- fully heals the body

LEAD-method has both preventive and curative effects.

Let us look, for example, what the science says about the aging of the  skin, our largest and most exposed organ:

“Science reveals that there are 3 main reasons which cause skin aging – loss of energy, the accumulation of molecular and cellular tissue damage and decrease of the ability of the skin to recover and fight free radicals.
Of all these factors, the most critical is a waste of energy because the skin needs energy for life and renewal. Energy is skin’s “power source”. Energy loss slows cell communication and causes accumulation of damaged cells It also diminishes skin defense system. ”

So – without a healthy, vibrant and beautiful skin there is neither youthfulness nor beauty.

The LEAD-method is your power source – and not just for your skin, but your whole body!


The BCE-method


Human Cell1_500x491The BCE-Method is a unique method that combines a number of different techniques, which protect your body and blood cells, keeping them healthy, vital and young.

We will reveal to you special natural ingredients you need to use. Furthermore, you will find out which are the best food and drinks you should consume. But not only that! We will also show you specific exercises for the body and face you can do – all this to keep your blood and cells of your body healthy, vital and young.031_blood_cells

And we know that we are healthy, vital and young as long as there are healthy, vital and young cells and the blood of the body.

The BCE-method contains 2 additional secret techniques to effectively facilitate the process of maintaining and keeping the blood and cells of your body you healthier, fitter and younger.

* A more detailed explanation of methods as well as the application of the methods and techniques are available only to registered users of the Dr Dorian Day © Method.

The Dr Dorian Day © Method is exclusive, individual and strictly personalized service.
The service of the Dr Dorian Day © Method is offered to a very small number of customers – only 20 persons from all around the world.

One implementation cycle of the Dr Dorian Day © Method takes 6 months (of course, the customer/user can update using the service as many times and as long as she or he wants).

In contrast to the activities of the Program of  Selfresponsible Behaviour  where all the activities could and should be conducted completely independently and daily, the activities within the Dr Dorian Day © method can only partially be carried out independently.

images (7)Clients, in most of the activities, cannot independently implement methods and techniques of the Dr Dorian Day © Method. There are several reasons for it. Firstly, because the methods and techniques used are unknown, unavailable and in the end, because some methods and techniques (such as methods and techniques of the “XT-factor”) shall remain our powerful and effective, but yet a closely guarded secret.