Check Your Health

You are still suspicious or you don’t believe in the above effects of the Dr Dorian Day © Method yet?
You want to check whether the method really is so effective and powerful?

Nikola Tesla_irfanCheck us out! We do not mind. Indeed, we are happy because this is the best way to assure the quality and efficiency of the Dr Dorian Day © Method.

We developed a special diagnostic method (Frequency Diagnostics) within the Dr Dorian Day © Method which helps us in detecting health impairment of our customers – weakened and / or disturbed  functions of specific systems or organs in the body (even when they are invisible to modern medical devices, and later unfortunately prove to exist).

Frequency Diagnostics - 1With our diagnostic method and together with your official medical results regarding your health, and of course with all the other elements, we focus on designing and implementing the personalized Dr Dorian Day © Method to meet your specific needs.

We apply frequency diagnostics to our clients every 14 days in order to continuously (and regardless of your official doctor) follow their health status. By doing so, we have time to see potential negative changes and warn clients about the possibility of damage to their health. Than they have time to respond and take necessary steps to prevent possible medical problems.

Frequency Diagnostics - 2

Without having seen or talked to you in person, we will tell you what is the condition of your health, which part of the body “has a problem”, which condition you might be suffering from, or better, what is bothering you and undermining your health in general. We will also tell you if and where in your body there might be potential hot spots for certain conditions.

Therefore – for those who do not believe, the best way is to check – you and us.

Simply e-mail us with your photo (preferably the newer one), pay a certain amount to our account and within 48 to 72 hours you will receive the analysis of your health condition using our unique frequency diagnostic method.



The amount required for the analysis of your health condition using the  Frequency Diagnostics is EUR 100* (or the equvalent value in another currency).

* If, after obtaining the analysis of your health using the frequency diagnostics and by ensuring the quality and accuracy of our diagnostic methods, you choose to take part in the first cycle of the Dr Dorian Day © method, the price of the cycle will be reduced for the amount paid.

Upon the receipt of your request ( ) for the analysis of your health status using our unique frequency diagnostic method, we will send you an email with all the necessary payment instructions including our account information required to pay a defined amount (a EUR 100 or the equvalent value in another currency deposit).

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