We can say many beautiful things about ourselves, but the best recommendation has always been what other people have to say about you.

“I am delighted with the fact that I really do not feel that I’m doing something particularly great – those few changes that I have decided to implement through the Protocol are not something I really feel as a burden. If I did not know that Dorian did his “treatment” on me every day I would think that all of this is how I feel right now comes out of nowhere. And I feel fantastic – I am vital, rested, full of energy and enthusiasm. I haven’t been sick once in the last 3 months of the cycle – either viral or with flu, or anything even though people around me went through sneezing, wheezing and coughing. Only now am I aware of what it looks like when you are protected.”

Ana Maria, 39

“Toward the end of the second month I started noticing various evidence that everything they had told me works.  It positively affects me, both mentally and physically – I feel more vital, much less get tired, in fact I feel that I have much more energy, sleep better… Due to all these positive changes, I became much more active – I walk, exercise and try to keep as much as possible with the Protocol. Nevertheless, I have to admit that I often go astray since I am not a person of a strong will, so I decided to implement all the suggested changes gradually. However, I am continuing since I see how many positive things have happened in just two months, and I can only imagine the results at the end of the cycle!.”

Viola, 47

“Honestly, I do not know exactly what and how Dorian does it, but I know that I feel great! Some of my “minor” problems are gone (frequent headaches, poor circulation …) and we continue to work on reducing or eliminating certain bigger, female problems. I feel that I have much more energy, and now that I think about it, I cannot remember when was the last time in the last 4 months I was sick? To be honest, at first I was skeptical. All this sounded at the very least hard to believe – he will make me healthy and slow the aging process without seeing me or doing some physical treatments in person. Nevertheless, I admit, the desire to feel better, to look younger and regenerate (Gosh, don’t we all have it?) as well as the curiosity prompted me to try it.  I’ve already wasted a lot of money on all sorts of treatments and one more or less did not play a significant role… But now I’m thrilled, and I admit, a bit taken aback and – my whole body “works” better and I feel vibrant and enthusiastic – and of course I feel  and look much younger.”

Andrea, 44

“My husband was not initially exactly thrilled with the idea, he said, “You are trying who knows what kind of treatments for rejuvenation and spending the money for nothing.” But you know how women are – always find a way to get what they want  ;-))… It took me some time to accept and apply some things from the Protocol personally together with other guidelines and recommendations. I did it and now that I know what the impact has been, I can say that I should have done it sooner. In addition to a healthier diet, increasing physical activity (I just had to force myself to start!) and healthy sleep (this part was the easiest and most beautiful  ;-))… I try to keep as many recommendations that I received from other areas. Today I feel great, I am more energetic and rested, and illnesses bypass me. I became more beautiful and attractive (and only we women know what and how much it means to us), bags around my eyes are significantly reduced, and my skin has become firmer, brighter and softer. I do not wear a ton of makeup and powder to cover all those treacherous signs of my age, and fatigue. What still always surprises me is that sometimes I literally feel my energy flowing through the body! In the beginning, it was a bit scary, although Dorian immediately warned me that this could happen from time to time. Today, I only laugh a bit and think – Dorian is “energizing” me again. I do not know what else to say except that I am truly thrilled! And my husband, although reluctantly, admits that he is very satisfied – he only said  let Dorian keep his distance.”

Regina, 54

“I try to follow most of the instructions that I received, but I am aware and I know that it’s just not enough to make me feel so good! I do not know and I am not really completely clear on what and how it all works, but to be honest – I am not too interested as long as I feel this fantastic effect.”

Robert, 62

“I feel fresher, more rested, more vital… I gained some healthy habits and it’s immediately apparent. I replaced numerous coffees with mineral water or tea, deliberately forget the car sometimes, so I am forced to walk, eat more fruits and vegetables… I have not seen size 6 on the scale for years, and when it appeared, I screamed with joy.”

Barbara, 48

“I lost 8 pounds, my waist was reduced for 10 centimeters and I lost as much as 11 cm around my hips! It took time for the process to start but when I finally started following the Protocol and was persistent and consistent, the results were fantastic. Here I mention mostly physical results because they are the most visible, but what I feel and see and what people notice about me is that I am full of energy and radiate with pleasure. They keep telling me and I also feel rejuvenated. I  look a lot fresher and more vital, my friends tease me and ask if I had found a young lover…”

Yvonne, 55

“Physical appearance has always been important, and I took care of myself.  Now I am in my prime mature years and the appearance has become essential, even more so than before. I am aware that time is passing, and I am not getting any younger and that thought is literally killing me. I wanted to look a lot younger (honestly, what woman does not want that?). I wanted to look more beautiful and more attractive, better than  when I was 35.  Call it any way you want – narcissism, obsession with beauty, whatever, but that’s who I am and I neither can nor want to change. I use all the benefits of modern anti-aging medicine and I find some treatments more or less satisfying. I like face-lifts, fillers for dark circles, cellulite treatments, buying the most expensive creams for the face, neck and décolleté (luckily, I have a lot to show and I love it, it looks pretty), exploring the famous hairstyling studios for beautiful hair… I want to be and look beautiful, and as young as I can. What did Dorian give me? His method gave me what I wanted and asked for – to feel better inside and out, to feel more vital, healthier, and of course most importantly – younger! I feel this energy inside, I feel more life in me, I am happier and more satisfied.  I feel that my body is younger, my skin is softer and more beautiful, and I feel rested and much less stressed… Of course, I will not give up with other treatments and therapies I had used before Dorian (nor has anyone asked me to), but I think his method is another great therapy  in my struggle  against aging. It helps me look better and I will certainly continue to “consume” it.”

Ariana, 58

“I did not decide to follow Dorian’s method because I wanted to restore my youth but primarily for better health.  I was aware that due to being too busy and constantly stressed my immune system was always on the verge, so I was often sick. I think I had almost every cold there is. That was annoying – it disturbed my work, but everyday life as well. I could not sleep properly. Almost accidentally, I stumbled over Dorian’s method and decided to try it – whatever the odds. Today I can say that it was very much worth it! After 2 months I felt like new – my immune system has improved significantly and I feel great, I am full of energy and strength, I sleep like a log and I haven’t had cold for more than a year. One is always surprised how very accidental occurrences can lead to a right solution.”

Martin, 44

“I am not going to give up Dorian and his method – NEVER. It made me alive again – in every sense. I feel fantastic and I will do all that it takes to keep that feeling.”

Diana, 51