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The Dr Dorian Day © Method is exclusive, individual and strictly highly personalized service.

             The service of the Dr Dorian Day © Method is simultaneously provided to extremely small number of customers –                  only 20 Persons from around the world.




The program of the Dr Dorian Day © Method is carried out in a 6-month cycles.What To Do - 1

Thus, one cycle of the Dr Dorian Day © Method implementation takes 6 months                                              (of course the user can update using the service as many times and as long as she or he wants).

The first world-wide cycle in 2013 starts October 1, 2013.
Applications for the first cycle are open until September 22, 2013.


Discount NEW - rezaniAll sign up for the program by September 1 , 2013 will receive a 50% discount

The seriousness of the registration is confirmed by a EUR 200 deposit                          (or the equvalent value in another currency).

If the Client withdraws from the program before the beginning, the amount will not be refunded, and if he or she starts with the program, the amount paid is a part of the total amount of the first monthly installment.

The second cycle begins April 1, 2014 and applications will be accepted from January 15, 2014.

Clients who use the services in the first cycle have the priority in the selection of 20 new clients in the second cycle, as in all subsequent cycles if they decide to continue.

What To Do 3

Upon agreeing on receiving services of the Dr Dorian Day © Method, we recommend every client (though not required) to make a thorough health (systematic) check up in one of the authorized local medical institutions and to make a detailed blood test.

The recommended medical examination has dual function and benefits:

First, the clients receive a review of their medical condition (many people do not make a systematic check up for years so this is the opportunity to finally do so). In case there are certain health problems, clients can immediately start with the medical treatment or will be warned of the potential risk of health damage by the doctor and consulted in terms of prevention.

Secondly, a certain starting position is defined after a conducted systematic check up. This way it is easy to assess benefits of the Dr Dorian Day © Method and it serves as evidence and medical performance indicator of the Dr Dorian Day © Method and programs after the review is repeated in 6 months time, that is, after the completion of one cycle of Dr Dorian Day © method application.

That is, except for Client’s subjective feelings and experience of feeling healthier, younger, fitter, more energetic, happier, etc. the most realistic and objective medical performance indicator of the Dr Dorian Day © Method.

confidential-300x300Of course, all the information about you is strictly confidential, top secret, and without your permission cannot be disclosed publicly or to a third person.

In addition, if you so choose and want our services to you can remain within guaranteed discretion.

For additional questions or information about the program, please contact us at info@dorian-day.com      (we will reply within 24-48 hours, depending on the time difference).

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