Martin, 44

Posted on Jul 21, 2013

“I did not decide to follow Dorian’s method because I wanted to restore my youth but primarily for better health.  I was aware that due to being too busy and constantly stressed my immune system was always on the verge, so I was often sick. I think I had almost every cold there is. That was annoying – it disturbed my work, but everyday life as well. I could not sleep properly. Almost accidentally, I stumbled over Dorian’s method and decided to try it – whatever the odds. Today I can say that it was very much worth it! After 2 months I felt like new – my immune system has improved significantly and I feel great, I am full of energy and strength, I sleep like a log and I haven’t had cold for more than a year. One is always surprised how very accidental occurrences can lead to a right solution.”